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When it comes to eyewear, finding the right pair is thee most difficult part. Here are a few suggestions on how to shop for a great pair:

1. Do not let it cover your eyebrows...the moment that it does it will take over your face.

2. Always keep it simple. If this is your first rodeo doing a basic black or brown is key. Also a simple basic frame as well. 

3. If there is a pair that is really catches your eye....TRY THEM ON!!!  Do not ever think that they will look great because they look good on the shelf.

Simple- easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty.

Finding the right sunglasses

Sometimes keeping it simple is always best and the easiest. When you do too much or try to do too much with an outfit it looks it. If layering, wearing jewelry or a scarf is not your thing then you shouldn't be doing it. If fashion is something that your just getting into, in due time you will become more in tune with what is "your simple" compared to doing too much or reflecting someone else's simple.